Friday, October 05, 2007

The Sermon on the Mount

We just completed a nine-month long series on the Sermon on the Mount. The sermon preparation was a challenge to my spiritual growth and an encouragement to my soul. The sermons I had the privilege of preaching to the congregation were first preached to me times and again. I am thanking God for giving me opportunity to study in depth and to preach this wonderful passage of scripture. I am particularly grateful for those from whom I learned much in the process. Besides the many commentaries on Matthew, here is a list of books we found particularly helpful over these months.


GUNNY said...

No Artur Pink?!

Good list, I particularly was jazzed by MLJ and Boice's commentary on Matthew was helpful when I preached through the Sermon on the Mount.

It was so good for my own soul, more soul stirring and edifying than any other series I've done.

ajcarter said...

I agree my man.

FellowElder said...

Preaching through it now, brother. I "amen" you and Gunny about the piercing and edifying nature of this portion of Scripture. If I could add a couple of titles on the Beatitudes in particular, I found Calvin's little volume The Beatitudes and Terry Johnson's When Grace Transforms very helpful as well.

Praying the Lord multiplies the fruit of your labors in the word and that He might give you the peculiar joy of seeing the fruit grow and mulitiply in your lifetime!


Bill said...

Are your messages available online? Been working on memorizing the SotM, and am interested in your reflections. Thanks. Bill Crawford

ajcarter said...

Hello Bill,

Yes the sermons we preached are available online at

Take care