Monday, August 28, 2006

Back from Florida with Gifts of Grace

We just returned from a weekend trip to Gainesville, FL to fellowship with the good folks at Abundant Grace Community Church and my friend Phil Courson. It was a wonderful time and a most encouraging experience. It was one of those rare occasions that my entire family was able to travel with me and people had opportunity to meet my wife and children. Like most of you, I try not to live under the illusion that anything I am able to accomplish is done by anything but God's grace and goodness. And outside of the grace that has come to me in the forgiveness of sins, the most precious gift of grace has been my wife. I am always pleased when others are able to meet her and to see that she is the one who really makes our home go. She is the one that more people seem to like best (in fact, most of my return trips are after she has traveled with me, coincidence?). When she travels with me, it seems people listen to me more intently because she gives such a blessed testimony and makes friends so quickly. I am grateful today for Abundant Grace hosting us for the weekend. I am grateful to God for His gifts of abundant grace.


John said...

Again, I have this in common with you. Even my parents look forward to seeing my wife, rather than me, when we get to visit. Her and my daughter are more than I deserve. God is very gracious.

You set a good example with how you love and speak of your wife.

ajcarter said...

Thanks John. Your comments are always encouraging. Also, thanks for the article on Rom. 8. So "good" to know that our "good" is in God.