Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm it!...One book...

I've been tagged by Thabiti for the One Book post. I suppose I need to retire because I don't have the moves or the ability to make people miss like I used to. No wonder I took up golf. Anyway, here is my list:

One book that changed your life: (Besides The Epistle of Romans) The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Not only was it well written but it debunked the popular notions of the Nation of Islam at the time. And I needed that.
One book you've read more than once: The Pilgrim's Progress
One book you'd want on a desert island, besides the Bible: It's a toss up between The Pilgrim's Progress and The Christian's Reasonable Service (4 vols) but if pushed, The Pilgrim's Progress would win out.
One book that made you laugh: The Color of Water by James McBride
One book that made you cry: The Color of Water
One book you wish you had written: The Pilgrim's Progress
One book you wish had never been written: Southern Slavery As It Was (Doug Wilson probably wishes the same thing)
One book that you are currently reading: Notre Dame vs. The Ku Klux Klan: How the Fighting Irish Defeated the Ku Klux Klan (Go Irish!)
One book that you've been meaning to read: Salvation Belongs to the Lord by John Frame

You're IT: Mike Plewniak, Xavier Pickett, Michael Leach


Rafael said...

what were the popular notions of the Nation of Islam at that time?

ajcarter said...

Well Rafael,
When I first read The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Farrakhan was at the height of his popularity and getting much pub from people like Public Enemy and other rappers. I then was a fan of Public Enemy and was inclined to listen to Farrakhan's rhetoric. But in the biography Malcolm dispelled much of the mythology that surrounded the Nation of Islam and their origins and their fallacious teachings, as well as the hypocritical life of Elijah Muhammad.