Thursday, August 10, 2006

Worship God 2006 Conference

The WorshipGod06 Conference sponsored by Sovereign Grace Ministries is underway. We have the privilege and pleasure of having our worship leaders, musicians, and technician travel to Covenant Life Church for the conference. This is the second year we have had the pleasure. This year, however, I have asked one of our leaders, Ed Pugh, to share briefly his thought from the conference each day. The following is his recap of yesterday. Stay tuned for daily updates from a conference that promises to have an impact on all who attend, and those to whom they are called to minister.

Sovereign Grace Ministries, WorshipGod 2006 Conference Day 1
The long anticipated day and time is here as Southwest Christian Fellowship’s praise team members, musicians, and audio personnel is at the Sovereign Grace Ministries, WorshipGod 2006 Conference in Gaithersburg, Maryland. As we entered into the sanctuary at the Covenant Life Church and began to sing songs such as Grace Unmeasured and Glories of Calvary, I was once again amazed and grateful that God caused us to be there and that He chose us to help bring Him glory. Jeff Purswell, Dean of the Pastors College of Sovereign Grace Ministries shared some words from the topic, The Presence of God. “God’s eternal purpose is to dwell among a people He has made His own.” Jeff unfolded this truth (God’s purpose) by exposing five images (in which I can’t do justice in re-exposing them, but I will list the bullets):

(1) A Garden – this was a temple, a sanctuary and a place where God and man met. Gen 2:8-17
(2) A Dwelling – Exodus 25: 8- God wanted a temple to dwell with His people
(3) A Person – God became flesh and is with us (Jesus was the temple and dwelt with man)
(4) A People – We, the church, is the temple of God (1 Cor. 3:9)
(5) A City – Rev 21:22, John saw no temple, for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple.

One main point that stuck with me was that as worship leaders and musicians, every Sunday we stand in the very precious presence of God – His people – His temple. We have an awesome responsibility to lead, guide and protect God’s temple.

I regret that I have to end this so abruptly, but I have to go because the gang is waiting on me to go.

Stay tuned for an update from Day 2 at the Sovereign Grace Ministries, WorshipGod 2006 Conference.

Because of Him,

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