Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Confessions of Driscoll

Admittedly, I've been putting off reviewing one of the most interesting and yet complex books I have read in a while. Recently I completed reading Mark Driscoll's "Confession of a Reformission Rev." It was not the first book by Driscoll that I have read. Last year I was given a copy of Radical Reformission and I was not much impressed. So when I heard about Driscoll's latest book, I was not eager to put it on my reading list. However, it was creating such a buzz and so many people had such divergent opinions of it that I felt slighted and uninformed for not having read it myself. Thus, I took up the task of giving Driscoll one more shot. And man am I glad I did.
I must say that I enjoyed reading Confessions (no disrespect to Augustine for the use of the one word reference). I particularly enjoyed Driscoll's passion for the gospel, the ministry, and all things kingdom. Driscoll has an engaging writing style that is full of honesty, candor, and humor. I was brought to unexpected laughter several times. This I enjoyed.
Yet, as much as I appreciated the read, I wondered to whom could I recommend it. You see, sometimes Driscoll's honesty is a bit over-the-top and his candor is...well...let me say...it can strain the sensibilities. I also wondered how I could write a review that would communicate those elements that I found most insightful and helpful, while admitting that some elements I did not find as encouraging. Well, to my wonderful surprise, I do not have to.
The other day I received in my inbox the latest edition of the 9marks Newsletter. In the newsletter was a review of Driscoll's books by Mike McKinley. After reading the well written review, I decided that much of what McKinley wrote is a summation of my sentiments and instead of reinventing the wheel, I will just say a hardy "Amen" to McKinley's article. So here are McKinley's words (The Radical Reformission and the Confessions of a Reformission Rev). Listen closely and you might hear me saying "Amen" from time to time.

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