Monday, September 11, 2006

More on Prosperity Pimps

(HT: Thabiti Anyabwile) Apparently, more and more people are growing restless and even tired of the foolishness that is the prosperity gospel. The National Baptist Convention, USA, the largest predominantly black denomination in America, has officially denounced the prosperity gospel and its peddlers. Here are some recent articles and official press release.

National Baptist Speakers Criticize Prosperity Gospel, 'Seeker' Churches
Black Baptist Eschew Prosperity Preaching


Scotty J. Williams said...

Hey Anthony, thanks for posting the opposition against the prosperity movement in the church. My mother is in a Word of faith church and is a loyal follwer of Dr. Creflo take your Dollar (lol). Also thank you for your prayers as far as my book is concerned, and please check out the exerpts posted on my website at:

The title of the book is A table already set, and it deals with the Louisiana Creole experiece and it's relevancy to modern African American society. It will be comprised of a series of stories and each story will take place in differt decade of the 20th century. The stories themselves will be based off of old Creole songs, and I will have these songs (in English and Creole) with their explanations preceding the story.
As one reads through the book they will also get a look at Creole life/culture, Creole Christianity (Catholic and Protestant), and some interesting history. I will also show the Creole community interacting with various historical events and socio-cultural issues. Anways I hope this was a good enough explanation and I hope you enjoy reading the experts posted on my website. Also feel free to check out the rest of my website, and see what Black Creole Reformer is all about.

God Bless,

Scotty J. Williams said...

Sorry for this repost of the URL to my site, but i saw that it didn't show up

If this doesn't work go to the main page and go into my site from there.

God Bless,

jazztheo said...

Oh my brother,

the only answer is a new generation of leaders who know how to right divide the word and proclaim the gospel in a way that is not spoiled by American culture.

My prayer is leaders like you (and Scotty) gain a larger hearing.

Congratulations on the new book.


Eric M. Washington said...

Brothers (and sisters), the article that featured remarks by Frederick Haynes is interesting. Note that Haynes never responded against the false gospel with the true gospel. Yes, black people are suffering, but they need to hear the gospel and they need the Spirit to open their eyes and hears.

Eric M. Washington said...

Brothers and sisters, I re-read the article with F D Haynes' comments. I have more to say in criticism. Haynes placed forth in opposition to one false gospel another false gospel. His focus was on the social gospel, which may fill someone's belly or take care some temporal needs but it is powerless to make one meet for eternity.

Why would a minister even talk up the social gospel when he believes, lives, teaches, and preaches the true gospel?

This is quite problematic, but it is what many traditional and progressive Baptist churches have turned to for decades.