Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You might recall my mentioning of Elliott Greene back in May when he joined the blogging team over at Reformation 21. Back then I also mentioned that he was starting a new venture in pastoral training called Tyrannus Hall Foundation for Pastoral Ministry. Apparently this worthwhile venture is up and running and we all should be glad it is. If there is anything the church needs more of it is reformed African-American preachers and predominantly African-American churches where they can serve. From these churches they may be able to raise up another generation of African-American preachers who will surpass their fathers in zeal for God and His supremacy in all things.
So check out Tyrannus Hall and lets sound the word that a firm foundation is being laid for the future of Reformed Christianity among African-Americans. And it looks good.


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LouLove said...

Thank God for the vision of Elliot Green and and the ministry of Tyrannus Hall. I was looking forward to meeting him in Miami, and now I can't wait.

What he is doing should light a fire in all of us regarding the need for solid instruction and leadership in the African American Church in particular.

That's right Ellliot, get it and bring it back home where it is so badly needed. My Brother, my Brother.

Go get em, CRC :-)