Thursday, September 14, 2006

What's In The Bible

Last evening we began a series on What's In The Bible: From Genesis to Revelation. It will be a 66 plus week survey of the Bible hopefully covering a book a week (thanks to the inspiration for this series from Louis Love and from the work of Mark Dever). It is a most fitting study in light of the recent cover article for TIME magazine. If our people are going to be discerning and not over fascinated with the frills and superficiality that is the mega-show of prosperity, they will need to know what's in the Bible. Here are a few quotes from last nights study:
Concerning the Bible:
The Bible is often referred to as a book, but actually it is a collection of books or writings. In fact, our Bible has a total of 66 separate books. These 66 books were written by at least 30 different writers, over the span of approximately 1500 years. Hebrews 1:1 reminds us that these writers were various, and wrote at various times, in various ways.
In the Bible we will find wide range of literary genres. He find historical writings full of data and numerical figures. There are law codes which have influenced judicial systems around the world. There are biographies that would make A&E proud. There are poems and hymns, which are still capturing the literary world’s imagination. There are short stories and suspense filled page turners. There are letters, both common and official. There are short, pithy, and anecdotal sayings, as well as long discourses of tragedy and triumph. There is prophecy, which at times has confounded the brightest of minds, and drama and political intrigue that would easily top the ratings charts for modern television viewing.
You look at the writers and some of these writers were of royal blood and lived in palaces. Others were of common stock and walked among the peasant people. Some had the finest education that money could buy, while others barely had any education at all. And yet God used each of these writers to bring His glorious, inspired and inerrant self-revelation of truth and justice into the world.
It is a book that essentially begins in a garden paradise and ends in a paradise city. It is a story that begins with God being worshipped by two people and ends with God being worshipped by an innumerable host of people.
Concerning the Prosperity Message
Beloved, the message of the Bible is not how you can get rich and increase you monetary portfolio. It is not a message about how you can have your best life now. It is not a message of conquering depression or avoiding pitfalls and frustration. It is the message of God’s glory in reconciling a sin-marred creation through a sufficient Savior.
Contrary to what you might believe, or what you might have heard, our greatest struggle is not financial. Our greatest problem is sin. Christ took the nails, wore the crown, spilt his holy blood on the dirty ground, not so that we could have what we want, but so that we might be supplied with what we need. He did it to confirm the promise God made to Adam and Eve. He did it to validate the promise He made to Noah and Abraham. He did it to verify the truth given to Moses and David. He did it because God’s word is true. And if He promises something it will surely come to pass. And not one dot or iota shall pass way from it. He did it because God is not a man that He should lie – no matter how many men lie about God.

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Eric M. Washington said...

Preach it! Anthony, it seems like you had your tune on!

In all serious, Brother; Satan has blinded so many to denigrate the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes, sin is our greatest problem; and it is that natural depravity the stands in opposition to the command to repent and believe!