Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dr Jonas at the Pastor Appreciation Banquet

I just returned from the Miami Pastors Conference. I am still collecting my thoughts and the pictures I will share in the coming days. However, what I do want to share with you today is the ministry of Dr. Hensworth Jonas. Every year on the evening prior to the start of the Miami Pastors Conference, Glendale Baptist Church holds their annual Pastor Appreciation Banquet. This year the banquet speaker was Dr. Jonas.

Jonas is the Executive Director of the East Caribbean Baptist Mission and Presiding Elder of the Baptist Circuit of Churches in Antigua & Barbuda. He is a faithful pastor and teacher of God's word, and a brother on the front line of God's kingdom as it is expressed in the Caribbean. It is wonderful knowing that there are brothers in Antigua & Barbuda standing for Reformed Biblical truth. Below is an excerpt from the message he delivered at the banquet last week. He preached from Psalm 73.


Ebony Puritan said...

Hey Tony!

Dr. Jonas is really good. You should've heard his message on yesterday from Numbers 14 about the paralysis of fear.

It was great seeing you brother! Give me a holla sometime.

ReformedCatholic said...

Hey there Tony! The Reformed Catholic here, another place you can post your videos is at Thanks for recording these and posting. It was a pleasure meeting you and listening to you and all these other men.