Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sovereignty of God over the Nations

On my recent trip to Miami for the Pastors Conference, I did one of my rituals when traveling from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport here in Atlanta. Instead of riding the terminal trains (like most of you lazy stiffs) I walked to my terminal because I wanted to enjoy once again the wonderful African Art on display. Everytime I walk route between the terminals, I am amazed and even in awe of the wonderful pieces of art and the message these pieces say to me. They remind me that our God is sovereign over the nations and even though I have no guarantee that those who created these magnificent pieces of art acknowledge the one true God and Savior Jesus Christ, I am reminded that all true and beautfiful things, including the truth and beauty that is displayed in these pieces, are a reflection of the truth and beauty that comes only from Him. If you have never taken the time to observe these pieces, the next time you are in the airport in Atlanta, eat an extra Snickers candy bar and walk rather than ride through the terminal. You will be glad you did. But until then, here are a few of my favorite pieces and the inscriptions on them.

Generation Pyramid by Gedion Nyanhongo from Zimbabwe

The Protected Family by Joe Mutasa from Zimbabwe

The Traveling Family by Amos Supuni from Malawi (personal favorite)

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Meeky said...

Simply beautiful!