Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A (Good) New Blog

New blogs are popping up in the blogosphere everyday. And as we know, everything new is not good. If you are like me, you probably frequently suffer from blog overload. One could spend the better part of one's day just going from blog to blog reading the latest musings of those of us who are so self-possessed as to believe that people whom we don't know would be interested in reading our thoughts. But, as one who does blog (reluctantly at times), I digress.
Today, a new blog has been brought to my attention. And I must say, that while I have really narrowed my blog hopping down, I have added this one to my regular rotation. It is the Miami Pastors Conference Blog (surely you didn't think the conference was going away so quickly). Our brother Jarvis is doing us all a service in creating a blog where he will review the content of the conference, and give us opportunity to interact once again.

Thanks Jarvis. This is a good new blog.


Lionel Woods said...

Hey Pastor Carter,

What is up with the EastPoint Church Blog? Saw it on your profile, you planting? Just curious

Ebony Puritan said...

Hey Tony!

Thanks for promoting the Miami Pastor's Conference blog! I hope that it will build more of a link with those of us who attended, and will wet the appetite of those who did not to come next year!