Thursday, August 07, 2008

15 years - Like a Rock!

Today my wife and I celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. By God's grace we are beginning to learn something about this thing called marriage. One of the things that we have learned is that there is much yet to learn. Yet, through it all, my wife and her love has been like a rock. And thus, my tribute to her is taken from Like a Rock by Bob Seger (a personal favorite):

15 years now
where they go?
15 years
I still love her so.
I sit and I wonder sometimes
How she still loves me.

Sometimes late at night
Oh, when we're bathed in the moonlight
She comes to me and makes it right
And I recall
I recall

Like a rock
I see it in her face
Like a rock
Even in my mistakes
Like a rock
Her love is still great
Like a rock

Like a rock
She's there thru thick and thin
Like a rock
She's a lover and a friend
Like a rock
And I'd do it all again
Like a rock

Oh, Like a Rock!


Anonymous said...

Bro. Carter,
Congratulations on your 15th marriage anniversary.


FellowElder said...

May the Lord contiue to watch over and bless you in Christ, reflecting the glory of His love for His Bride in the way you love and rejoice over the wife of your youth. Praising the Lord for your 15 years and asking for Him to give you 51 more should He tarry!


Ebony Puritan said...

Congrats Pastor Carter:

God has definitely smiled on you and your wife to allow such a blessing as this. As a man preparing for this blessed union, I can only pray that the LORD will bless my union in the way He has done yours. May God give you and your wife more years and--more importantly--more love for Him as you journey together!!!!

LouLove said...

Praise God for 15 years, my brother. May you and your dear wife have many more.

You and Adriene are indeed a testimony of God's grace in marriage, a testimony I might add that is much needed in our day.

I thank God for your faithfulness and your commitment to the Kingdom agenda.

And thanks for housing the crumb snatcher for us.

Lionel Woods said...

Congrats Brother! Godly men, with Godly families = Godly Generations until the Lord returns!!!!!

GUNNY said...

We've got our 15th next week. There are some patient, longsuffering women in the body of Christ.


But why after reading this post do I feel the strong urge to go about and buy a Chevy truck?!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Carters!

The church must celebrate God's institution that the world is trying to redefine. Congrats again!

The only thing sadder than the contemporary pulpit is the climate of the typical parsonage.

Keith L. Tolbert said...

Happy Anniversary,
Tony & Adriene!!!

Congratulations and may you celebrate many many more!


ajcarter said...

Thanks Guys!

Your words are encouraging and challenging as we go forward with the mandate to love our wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her. After 15 years I am still well short of this lofty expectation, but I am still joyfully shooting at the mark.

wwdunc said...

Catherine and I wish to add our congratulations to you and Adriene on 15 years! We celebrated 18 years last month, and share with you the desire to continue to more accurately reflect that relationship that exists between Christ and His Church.

May the Lord continue to bless your marriage, and may He be pleased to grant you a long and happy life together.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Brother Carter!

We're working on our 12th year over here - and I'm still amazed that God dispensed enough grace to my wife to deal with me AND our children :-)

May the Lord continue to increase you and your family for His glory.

Anonymous said...

It's Saturday, my brother, and I just found the time to check your blog. I'm a little late, but I want to congratulate you for 15 years of marriage. It is so refreshing and encouraging to witness a loving union. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Hensworth W.C. Jonas

donald said...

I'm on the late freight bruh, but definitely congratulations. I just hit 15 years with my wife as well, earlier this year (Feb. to be exact), so it's a milestone in this day and an age.

Anonymous said...

praise the Lord brother! may the Lord continue to give His Church more strong marriages as yours!

DeeDub said...