Monday, August 18, 2008

Banging it Out!

I come from a large family. I have 7 brothers and two sisters. In an African-American family that large you are bound to have some enigmas. Indeed we do. Meet my brother Larry. Larry is a gifted brother. He has a masters degree in English. Has taught at the college level. Has written two novels and several essays and articles for newspapers around Michigan. Here is the enigma. My brother Larry is also a convicted felon, serving life in prison for murder. I won't go into the details of his crime, but know that according to him, it was an accident and a crime of passion. He and the victim (his fiancee at the time) were the only witnesses to the crime so his account is the only one we have. Whatever the circumstances, Larry received life with the possibility of parole. Yet, even in prison he continues to muse on a variety of topics and continues to produce literature. In fact, every now and then he sends me an essay or a poem he is seeking to get into a local newspaper or off-beat publication.

This past week, I hit upon an idea. I decided to create a blog on which to publish a few of his articles. I invite you to take a peek at Banging It Out. My brother does not claim to be a Christian, though some of his writings have a spiritual element to them. Mostly, however, his writings are worldly and secular. In this they reflect his current state of mind. However, of late I have been reading a hint of morality and thoughts of the providence of God in his letters. Maybe the Lord is working on his heart. At least, let us pray that He is.

Nevertheless, my brother remains an enigma. Even while in prison he continues to produce and look forward to the day when he is paroled and get a second chance at making a positive impact on society. Until then, I admire the fact that he is still banging on that keyboard.


LIonel Woods said...

Praise God,

I too have a sister who has been in the pen for years she has professed to know the Lord Jesus and I will be praying for your brother. I am thankful that you are showing the love of Christ in a way that would express love to Him.

ajcarter said...

Thanks my man. By the way, I appreciated your review. Stay encouraged.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this with us.