Friday, August 15, 2008

Dropping Calls

Don't give up on God. God has not given up on you. I was reminded of this recently as I sat and spoke with a young man who is going through a tough spot right now. It seems he is going through a kind of dead zone. You know, those areas around town where we seem to drop calls and we spend alot of time saying, "Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?" Well, it seems to him that God is not hearing him, as if most of his calls to heaven are being dropped. These dead spots in our lives can last for a little while, or they can seem to go on for long periods of time. And it may appear that God is not hearing, and our calls are not getting through. It seems we spend our time asking God, "Can you hear me now?" Here are two points of action we might consider during times like this:

1. Ask someone else for the use of their phone. We do this all the time don't we. When we seem not to have a signal, we ask someone else if they have a signal and then we may even ask to borrow their phone. In other words, ask someone else to pray for you and with you. Inform others that you don't appear to be getting through to God. Tell them to make a few calls for you. The biblical admonition to pray for one another and with one another is one of God's ways of getting us through the dead spots. It also reminds us of our need and love for one another (Jam. 5:16; Col. 4:3).

2. Keep moving - dead spots are not forever. Sooner or later, as you know, you will reach a place where you have a good signal. Don't just resign yourself to that dead spot, but keep moving until you find the area where you can make the call. God has not shut the lines of heaven to you. Nor is He out of service. Believe that He is willing and able to answer. You must keep moving in faith and trusting that one day you will get through because dead spots don't last always. Have faith in God! (Mark 11:22; Luke 12:28-32) . Be not dismayed because God cares for you! (Dt. 31:8; Isa. 41:10; 1Pet. 5:7)

Beloved, if God can raise Jesus from the dead, surely he can get you through your dead spot. So take heart and be reminded that the triumph of the gospel is also the triumph over apparent dropped calls to heaven.

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