Friday, June 30, 2006

More on His Holiness

Studying the attributes of God should have the effect of bringing one to grips with his finiteness. Often our own significance is overblown, not just by the world but even more tragically in our own estimations. A genuine look into the biblical rehearsal of God's character and perfections is a wonder cure for this insidious malady. One of the reason why it cures us of our overblown self-estimations is that it reminds us of our inability to really know God. The more we search to know what God is and the more we discover who God is, the more we understand that we don't know what or who God is. Yet, though our knowledge is never full, our searching and knowing is not in vain because God rewards those who seek to know Him (Heb. 11:6). And what God has graciously revealed, though not exhaustive, is sufficient unto that reward. Here is a quote from Herman Bavinck that reminds us of this truth:

As the finite cannot grasp the infinite, God's names serve not to make know to God's being, but merely to indicate (in a measure and in a manner suited to our understanding) that concerning God which we need to know.

In other words, the Bible does not reveal to us all there is to know about God (see John 21:25). Rather, it reveals to us all we need to know about God. Until we have exhausted what has been revealed, we many need to lay to rest our prideful insistence upon new revelations. Just a thought.

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