Friday, October 07, 2005

Bible Answer Man

I have a secret to tell. Believe it or not I often get help with my answers and understanding to biblical and theological questions. Yeah, I know, most of you thought that I just came up with answers on my own through the intimate relationship I have with Holy Spirit and my vast knowledge of the Bible and Theology :-). Well, I hate to disappoint, but the brother puts on his pants one leg at a time, just like you. Therefore, I have no aversion to informing you of one of my favorite resources for biblical and theological answers, Ra McLaughlin. Ra is a friend and former classmate at RTS. He currently serves as Director of Curriculum and Webmaster for Third Millennium Ministries. I consider Ra to be one the finest, most acute, young theological minds of our time. I have benefitted greatly from his theological and biblical insight. His section on the Third Millennium website is called QandA Knowledgebase. If you have a question about theology, the Bible, or Christian living in general, you may want to see if Ra has answered it in his thorough and gracious way. If you are like me (strong-willed, and not easily convinced), you may not always agree with him, but if you are like me (reformed and reforming) you will find yourself agreeing far more often then not. By the way, lets keep this between you and me. I do have a reputation to uphold you know.

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