Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Looking for Grimke?

Believe it or not, I am looking for a book. In 1970 Henry J. Ferry wrote his dissertation at Yale University entitled, "Francis James Grimke: Portrait of a Black Puritan." I have been trying to track down this dissertation for some time. Do you have any ideas?


curtlove said...

Say Carter,
I got the book on order for you tomorrow. It will come ina hard copy. All I need is for you to get with a brotha for your address so I can have it shipped to you. Let me know.

ajcarter said...

Thanks Love. You're a good man, despite what those atheistic folks have to say about ya.

curtlove said...

Your welcome. Brother Carter It was my pleasure. In reference to what those atheistic folks say, my response is this

It feels so good to be justified, either trust or die you must decide, stakes is high, make the right decision for the lamb whose life was given. Christ is Risen!