Thursday, October 13, 2005

Theology in Jazz

I first became aware of the term "jazz theology" when I read Carl Ellis' book Beyond Liberation (now titled "Free At Last"). I found it provocative and enlightening (the way good jazz should be) as Carl distinquished theological methodologies along classical and jazz musical motifs. I can't go into a full explanation of Carl's analysis, for that you will need to read the book, which I recommend you do. However, I have recently learned and am glad to see that there is a brother online who is seeking to implement jazz, sort of an improvisational, approach to theology. He is blogging at Theomoments: Reflections of a Jazz Theologian. Carl would be proud. I am interested. Perhaps you will be too. I do warn you. Sometime jazz takes some listening to in order to appreciate. I'm listening JazzTheo. Let's listen and learn together.

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jazztheo said...

my brother,
your heart is pure...your words are kind...I retract my question.

Speak Lord, for your servants are listening. Amen.