Saturday, October 22, 2005

Church of the Mighty Dollar

Do you remember the song, "What a mighty dollar we serve...What a mighty dollar we serve..."? Well, you may not remember it exactly that way. But it appears that that is the rendition that thousands and thousands around the world are beginning to sing. You can read the words of the Dollar man, and judge for yourself in the article that appeared in BusinessWeek Online entitled: Church of the Mighty Dollar.


jazztheo said...

What is Pastor Creflo Dollar's nickname...last time I was in Atlanta someone told me it was, Pastor Keptyour Dollar. Can you confirm?

H.B. Charles Jr. said...

Anthony, thanks for this blog and the the "Cyrene" website and all the work you and your brothers are doing to promote biblical theology among african-american Christians. As a young pastor, your work and example is of great encouragement. Keep up the good work.