Thursday, October 27, 2005

Coming Out in Dishonor

Cheryl Swoopes is the greatest women's basketball player in the world. She is the unquestionable star of the WNBA, a three-time MVP, three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, and leader of the four-time championship team Houston Comets. But today, she is not known for her exploits on the court as much as she is known for her escapades off the court. You see, she has decided that it is time to "come out of the closet" and make it public knowledge that she is a lesbian. According to Ms. Swoopes, she is tired and desires to be free:

But I'm tired of being miserable. Not being free to be who I am, not being OK with other people knowing who I am -- it has been miserable. And it hurts. I'm a very affectionate person. Going out to the movies or dinner, seeing so-called normal couples show affection in public and knowing that I can't, that hurts. It's frustrating to keep everything inside and not be who I want to be. I'm sure life is not going to be easier for me just because I'm coming out. But at least I'll be free.

Surely it is disturbing that people can be so casual about sin and our society would applaud her for what they would call "her courage." Yet to me the most disturbing aspect Ms. Swoopes declaration is the effect it had and will have upon her mother. Interestingly, according to Ms. Swoopes, her and her mother are Christians:

I'm content with who I am and who I'm with. Whether people think that's right, whether they think it's wrong, I don't care. We shouldn't and can't judge each other. I am a Christian, and my biggest dilemma is when people start throwing in the whole religion thing: you're going to hell for this or that. I think that's the hardest thing for my mom to deal with, too. She's into the Bible and church, and I'm concerned about how she's going to deal with her church friends. What are they going to say? What are they going to do? Five years ago, when I told my mom I'm gay, her reaction wasn't any different than I expected. She just said, "I figured." I don't know exactly what that meant, but I could see the hurt and disappointment.
"Why?" she asked. "What did I do wrong?" I told her she didn't do anything wrong. This is who I am, and it's okay. I love my mom to death. I do. And I would never, ever, ever want to do anything to hurt her. I think she knows that.

Ms. Swoopes says she is a Christian. Apparently she has forgotten that she is responsible to bring honor to her mother. As the Bible so plainly says: "Let your father and mother be glad; let her who bore you rejoice" (Prov. 23:25). There is not much rejoicing in the heart of Cheryl's mom today. And why should there be. Her daughter has decided that her own happiness and freedom is more important that the honor and joy of her mother. Swoopes' coming out is not an expression of freedom. It is an expression of dishonor.

You can read the entire, disturbing article at "Outside the Arc."


curtlove said...

It is sad today that Homosexuals are coming out of the closet and at the same time maintaining that they are Christians. Are they lost? or are they confused? While both of these are true, I beleive a good majority of this has to do with the standard of what God calls his children to, this standard has been lowered to the point where all is acceptable. We have people who claim to be christians involved not just in homosexuality, but drunkeness, adultery, sexual immoral relationships. As if God does not care about these perverse ways of living. He does as a matter of fact He feels the exact opposite, to the extreme that he is pouring out wrath on these vices.

Sheryl Swoops coming out of the closet is not a call to freedom, it not only shows that she has an unnatural desire for women Rom 1:26-27
but it should be a call for True beleivers to begin to not only speak out against these things but to start to live in a way that there is no mistaking what a Divinely changed life looks like.

I feel sorry for Sheryl's mother who is disappointed by this, but my concern is more for the indictment that is being placed on God by her claim to Christianity.

Brother Carter forgive me if I have just opened a "can" as it were.

growing said...

Anthony-Thanks! you speak to the heart of the matter in regards to the same sex relations dilemma. Strong words are needed, as well as strong prayers for the fallen race duped by this mortal foe!