Thursday, October 20, 2005

Via Negativa (way of negation)

The current issue of TableTalk Magazine takes the via negativa approach to understanding Reformed Theology. The issue is entitled "No Strings Attached: What Reformed Theology is Not." In it you will find the following articles:

Burk Parsons (editor): "Why Not?"
RC Sproul: "The Fine Points of Calvinism"
Michael Horton: "Reformed Theology vs. Hyper-Calvinism"
D. James Kennedy: "Turning the World Right Side Up"
Phillip Graham Ryken: "Hearts Aflame: Reformed Piety"
(By the way, is it a prerequisite for the pastorate at Tenth Presbyterian Church that you use your middle name i.e. Donald Grey Barnhouse, James Montgomery Boice, Phillip Graham Ryken?)
Ken Jones: "Truly Reformed"
RC Sproul Jr.: "God in the Hands"
R. Albert Mohler: "Reforming Our Mission"

This is an excellent issue. If you have never subscribed to TableTalk, now is the time. If you have never received an issue of TableTalk, you can receive a free copy by calling 1-800-435-4343. This would be a good one to get.

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