Monday, January 07, 2008

Decline of AA Theology VI

In the chapter on soteriology, Thabiti briefly compares and contrast the theology of popular contemporary preachers Tony Evans and Creflo Dollar. While both basically hold to an Arminian position on the doctrine of salvation, and according to Thabiti,

"both defined justification as 'right standing before God,' Dollar stressed that, 'I am righteous; therefore I can be healed. I am righteous; therefore I have angelic protection. I am righteous; therefore I will always triumph in Christ Jesus.' Dollar continued with the claim that, 'Every promise in the Bible hinges on my acceptance of the righteousness of God. By simply realizing His righteousness in me, the wrong in my life can be fixed. If I am poor, I have the right to prosperity. If I am sick, I have a right to be healed. If I am in bondage, I have a right to be delivered. Everything can be received through God's righteousness in me'" (p. 210).

In reading this section, it would appear that there was some difference between the position of Evans and Dollar. However, according to some recent reports, the difference there was may have only been cosmetic as Evans has now begun to show that he is more Dollarian than even Arminian, much less Biblical.

We should thank Thabiti for his labors in producing this most important book. God has favored our time with this resource. And let us be reminded that only a sound biblical, historical, and accountable theology keeps us from such sloppy and destructive theological teachings.

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