Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thanking God for Ken

I first met Ken Jones in the 2000. Late in 1999, Sherard Burns and I were working at Ligonier Ministries and thinking seriously about the need to bring a direct assault of Reformed theology upon the predominantly Black church. We discussed ideas of writing, conferences, websites, sermons, church planting, and a wide range of avenues in the pursuit of our vision. Working at Ligonier gave us the opportunity to speak with many African-Americans who appreciated the ministry of Ligonier, but wondered how to get more Reformed teaching into the Black church and who was trying to do it. We also wondered who was out there doing the work we dreamed of doing. Even as we were contemplating these ideas, God brought across our desk an article that changed everything.

The January/February 2000 issue of Modern Reformation came to Ligonier. The theme of the issue was "Wish List for the 21st Century." One article in particular caught our attention. It was written by Ken Jones. It was on, "What We Wish For....The Reformation for the Black Church." We had heard Ken on the White Horse Inn, but had never met him, nor had we heard his heart for Reformation. Yet, when we read this article, our hearts were greatly encouraged and we knew that we had a brother in arms. We decided that we must meet him.

Later that year the National Pastors Conference for Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals was being held in Atlanta GA. Ken Jones was one of the speakers. We knew this was our chance. Sherard contacted Ken to see if we drove to Atlanta would he have time to meet with us. He graciously consented to do so. Six hours on the road from Orlando to Atlanta resulted in us forging a friendship with Ken that I am still thanking God for today. We talked and fellowshipped into the wee hours of the morning, and genuinely enjoyed each others company. We shared ideas and visions, and even laid the foundations for the Miami Pastors Conference that is quickly becoming a must on everyone's calendar.

I mention this because the latest issue of Modern Reformation is available (HT:JT). Ken is in the this issue as well. However, the website is also highlighting the article that first grabbed our attention some 8 years ago. Needless to say, I still have a copy of that issue, but seeing it online again reminded me of how much I appreciate Ken's labor for the gospel. I have done it before, but I want to do it again and thank God for my friend, Ken.
Love you man.

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Rodney in PA said...

I second that Bro,
I have been admirer of Ken Jones for sometimes now, I read the article u mention also, and it was blessing and encouragement. I will definitely read it again. I hope and pray that many others will read and print out the article, So that they can give it to their friends. I know I will. There was a time when I thought he was the only black reformed guys out there, but thank God for the net, because now I know Better!
BTW. I read your book, it was very informative, and I learn a lot history I was not aware of. It was also nice to read that I and few of my friends are not the only brothers smelling the T.U.L.I.P’s

Oh and BTW. I gave my book to a Pastor friend in Newark NJ, And one of my childhood Friends in Long Island NY, just told me that he is now struggling with the 5 Solas. He and I have had a good conversation about it so far, I ask that u pray for him.
To God Be the Glory,