Monday, January 21, 2008

Where Are The Brothers?

A few months ago I had the distinct pleasure of reading the manuscript of a book from my friend and comrade Eric Redmond. I am excited to learn that the book is close to being released. The book is entitled Where Are The Brothers: Straight Answers to Men's Questions About the Church (read more about it). It is available for pre-order from Amazon and we hope to see the release of it from Crossway Books early this Summer. When I read this book I could not help but say what a timely and critical work this is. I immediately envisioning ways in which I was going to put this book to use. As far as I am concerned, June can't get here soon enough. Also, Eric is the thoughtful and passionate pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church . And finally we have the church and Eric's sermon's online. Great!


Rafael the Reformed dulos said...

I look forward to buying the book. I have recently been communicating with pastor Eric Redmond on Facebook about his book.

Also I would like to address your post about Dr. Crawford Loritts on reformed theology. This past October Southeastern Bible College held it's annual legacy conference and Dr. Loritts was the keynote speaker. In my opinion he did an excellent job. The second day of the conference I was invited to lunch by him. He was told by the president that I have the potential to be the next Tony Evans. So when we went out to lunch I asked him alot of questions about reformed theology, because I am very reformed in my theology and I wanted to know where he stood on reformed theology.I must sadly say Dr. Crawford is not reformed in his theology. He only holds too two points of The tulip and he rejects covenant theology. He told me he respects guys like DA Carson, JI Packer, and John Piper, but he disagrees with their calvinistic theology. I find it very surprising that he is one of the speakers at Piper's upcoming pastor's conference after the conversation I had with him. I asked him what seminaries would he recommend too students and none where reformed seminaries. He recommended me to Dallas Theological Seminary, and Talbot Theological Seminary. So Carter I don't think he is reformed like me and you.

Oh by the way, I enjoyed reading your book on Being Black and reformed. I am a senior in college and I am planning to attend either Southern Seminary or Master's Seminary. I enjoy reading your blogs keep it up brother.

ajcarter said...

Thanks for the comments. You have provided an interested perspective on Crawford. I am looking forward to hearing the discussions from the Pastors' Conference. Maybe the question of theological perspectives will arise during the question and answer session. Piper has a way of pushing his guest in some areas. So, lets see if this is an area he seeks clarification.

Thanks again my brother.

Lionel Woods said...

I am hoping that I can get a case of these to hand out in barber shops. Pastor Redmond gave me a small taste of this a few months back and I got extremely excited. Hopefully it can be a venue to discuss the scriptures and theology objectively. Many times the platform I have is small because I am not a "minister" in the vocational use of the term. What do you think Brother Toney? Think it would be worth the investment? Thanks. Loved the snow in Atlanta pictures made me want to head north for the winter.

johnMark said...


Would you mind contacting me?

I have an idea you may be interested in. I email via the FIRE list address, but am unsure if that address is still valid.

Please forgive me for this post if you find it inappropriate.



Anonymous said...

Reverend Carter,

I would like to speak with you on a different matter. Would you mind contacting me as well. Just as a reference, my church home is CLF with Pastor Lance Lewis. My name is nate. Thank you.