Friday, January 18, 2008

Reformed Grows on You

One of the best preachers I have had the pleasure to hear is Crawford Loritts. In fact, someone recently told me, after hearing me preach, that I reminded them of Crawford. Well, if I can communicate the way Crawford has for all these years, then I am more than thankful for God's grace to me. Nevertheless, I have always been encouraged and impressed by Crawford's heart and gifts. He has always been a man who walks what he talks and takes his calling to the gospel ministry seriously.

I recall on one occasion many years ago (let's call it 13 or 14 years ago) having the opportunity to listen as Crawford preached in our church in Atlanta. During the sermon he made a very interesting statement that I have never forgotten. He said, "The older I get the more Reformed I become." I found that interesting because I remember listening to him and wondering if the theology of this preacher is as good as his oratory skills. When he made that statement, I was somewhat comforted, but as you can imagine, still had my questions.

Over the years I have heard him make some statements and have even heard reports of statements made by him (right Lou?) that would seem to suggest that his above statement is true in his life (actually the statement itself is true apart from Crawford, for all those seriously considering the theological truth of the Bible do become more and more Reformed as they embrace more and more of Biblical truth). It would seem that we have been given more evidence of late as none other than John Piper has somewhat confirmed Crawford's reformed theological sympathies (listen here).

If it is true that Crawford identifies himself as reformed, then we can only thank God that He has allowed Crawford to continue to grow older and wiser right before our eyes. I can only pray that I would do the same (and you too).


Paul Schafer said...


I have collected many of his sermons and radio program mp3's on blog back in November. Take a look.

Paul Schafer
Bryan, TX

Paul Schafer said...

I also collected Voddie Baucham MP3 sermons too.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you two brothers in the same state? Maybe the two of you can get together and you can find out first hand where Crawford is theologically?

Nappily Evah Aftah said...

Crawford's a good friend of my pastor — good brotha!

LouLove said...

I tried to tell ya A.C. I am glad that he is in/coming into the camp. We could sure use him.

Anonymous said...


I hope you are doing well. Pastor Crawford is a gentleman. Although I've never met in person, however, he and I have exchanged some correspondence before.Vodie Baucham is a good communicator, a thoughtful scholar. I thought I would recommend to you a fascinating new book, "How Africa Shaped The Christian Mind: Rediscovering the African Seedbed of Western Christianity" by Thomas C. Oden.

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