Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ken Jones Online

Our brother Ken Jones has finally done us all a gracious favor and placed his weekly sermons online. However, perhaps the thanks should go to Greater Union Baptist Church and the faithful servants there, since we know it was not Ken's computer literacy that made it possible.
Thanks Greater Union for being 21st century computer literate Christians, though your pastor has yet to come. We yet hold out hope!


FellowElder said...

Oooh. Ouch. Too bad Ken can't log on and read your jabs :-)

Grace and peace, and thanks for the beautiful Christmas postcard of the family. My love to all,


Lionel Woods said...

I saw this a couple of weeks ago and put it up on Pastor Jones is a beast brother! Now I am waiting for you to podcast some of your stuff. So since Pastor T's stuff and Pastor Jones stuff is up, can we get some stuff from you? BTW, I need feeds so other people can click and listen! Beautiful Post Card! Happy New Year

wayner said...

You can get some of Anthony's stuff at Southwest Christian Fellowship site still haven't figured out how to hyperlink yet). Anthony's sermon "Singing the Songs of the Season" on the homepage is excellent.

Mr. Horton Sr. said...

Lionel is right. I have been listening to White Horse inn for some time now with Michael Horton. To my suprise after hearing some of ken jones' sermons, he is a great Bible Expositor-God bless
Sola Christus