Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Abortion As Racism

It is a known fact that the majority of Planned Parenthood clinics are in the areas where there is a predominantly African-American population. It is also a known fact that the percentage of aborted African-American babies is drastically disproportionate to the percentage of African-American women in this country. It would not be hard to deduce from these facts and others that racism has a part in the continuing rise of African-American abortions. It is also not hard to see, as one writer put it, that the abortion industry is decimating the black community.

This past weekend, John Piper preached a sermon, When Abortion is Racism, in which he decried the inherent racism in the increasing disproportionate numbers of abortions among African-Americans. May the holocaust of the unborn be a continuing cry of African-American preachers until we hear all those newly conceived babies cry for themselves. And may our churches be places where women and men can come and have the blood of the unborn washed from their guilty consciences by the blood of Jesus.


D.Davis said...

Thanks Tony,
A co-worker started reading over my shoulder while I was reading the link to Piper's sermon. As she read the title of the sermon her face turned white,she's black. I asked if she was pro-choice she said yes, but she tries not to get into these things. Today all my brothers and sisters who send me emails on how I can get blessed by resending their email to 10 other people will get these two links to chew on today.

Thanks again,
Dana Davis

LouLove said...

Piper is on target. I was sharing his message content with another believer and immediately they began to discount Piper due to what they percieved to be his motive. Nuts to all that nonsense, THE TRUTH STANDS.

I am sending this message to everyone I know and may the Lord raise up voices in the Black community who are just as bold and who also will get in the mix.