Thursday, January 25, 2007

At Home Youth Ministry

Here is a message (powerful and controversial) by Voddie Baucham that was recently brought to my attention. Voddie has a passion and pleasure for the family. In Voddie I hear a man with whose heart I can identify. I have been saying much of what Voddie is saying in this message, but I just never have said it so clearly and convincingly. And so I thank God for Voddie's insights. This message was given to a group of Southern Baptist pastors and he challenged them to rethink youth ministry and the need to develop and support what I like to think of as Home Youth Ministry. The message is called The Home is the Key. Check it out. But be warned, Voddie does not play nice with our churches' popular understanding of ministry to our children.


Chuck@MissionLawrence said...

I guess I like viewing websites instead of listening to sermons. For those like me, they'll like to visit the church's site and distinctives to get a better picture.

Chuck @ Mission Lawrence said...

The link didn't work so I'll put it in shortened form.