Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Presidentially Approved Convention?

The Southern Baptist Convention is at it again. It appears that some of the issues that split the Baptist over a century and a half ago, are raising their heads and threatening to split them again. This time the split has a presidential seal of approval. It will be interesting to see how far this goes.


Scott Armstrong said...

Anthony, hey its Scott Armstrong, your fellow RTS-er from the 90s, and now pastor here in Atlanta. I don't know how well you remember me but last time I saw you, you preached our commencement, when I returned to RTS to get my M Div and Masters in Counseling ('02-'05). anyway, I didn't know how else to track you down. I would love to get together--you've been on my heart the last year and a half and I dream of fellow pastors in the area to pray with and fellowship with. I will be planting a church (currently called the Atlanta Eastside Project), stretching from Martin Luther King Historic District out to the eastern city boundary, all of it just north of I-20. It will be a PCA church. E-mail me at and let me treat you to lunch! c'ya, scott

Eric M Washington said...

When I saw the headline of this new Baptist group spearheaded by Carter and Clinton, I just shook my head. Carter, speaking at late President Ford's funeral in Grand Rapids, stated that he believes in women's ordination and the right for gays to marry. I believe such and other non-biblical concerns will underline this new Baptist movement.

Though Carter stated he doesn't want to create a fight, he did. Carter is showing himself just as divisive as he claims Pres. Bush is. At least the president isn't causing a fight within the United Methodist Church!

This is only the latest liberal Baptist smokescreen to put liberal matters on a higher plane.

Eric M Washington