Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Year with Rutherford

Last year my morning devotions were spent with Spurgeon in Morning and Evening. This year I have chosen to use The Letters of Samuel Rutherford as my morning spiritual wake up. The Letters of Samuel Rutherford come with high recommendations. Some have referred to these letters as: "the most remarkable series of devotional letters that the literature of the Reformed churches can show." It was said of Robert Murray M'Cheyne that "the Letters of Samuel Rutherford were often in his hand." Richard Baxter's view was that, apart from the Bible, "such a book as Mr. Rutherford's Letters the world never saw the like," while to Charles Spurgeon they were "the nearest thing to inspiration which can be found in all the writings of mere men."

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christopher said...

i also commend Rutherford's Letters to the readers of your blog. i began reading them this summer and then picked them back up at the beginning of the New Year. (His letters to Lady Kenmure are especially encouraging. Oh, how much she suffered! Maybe 2nd only to Job.) These letters are a great antidote against the love of the world that remains in our hearts, and wonderful counsel to those who have been confronted by the dark providences of a Sovereign God. A must read for pastors!

By the way, it was a pleasure meeting you when you preached at Hillcrest Baptist a few months ago. i still remember the message from Gen.3, "Nowhere to hide from God, but in God." Edifying stuff.