Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Eve Prayer

Last evening at Southwest Christian Fellowship, in our annual joint New Year's Eve Service with Berean Bible Baptist Church, this prayer was offered up at the conclusion of our time together:

Dear God, Great and Holy, Just and True, One and Only God,

This night we have gathered to offer to you the first fruits of 2007. As you have been faithful in bearing us over into another year, may we be faithful in making your name known.

As we enter this year, we begin with praying for forgiveness. Forgive us for how often this past year we have taken unto ourselves the glory that was due only unto you. Forgive us for how often this past year our hearts have wandered and strayed at the enticements of this world. Forgive us for how often this past year we have allowed anxiety to dim the light of our faith and steal the wealth of our joy.

And yet, in spite of our sin, even our lack of faithfulness, you have remained faithful. In spite of our wandering, you have never for one moment left us or forsaken us. And as we enter this new year, may we honor you not only with the first fruits, but may you bear fruit through us all year long.

Be praised God, Holy Father
Be praised God, Holy Son
Be praised God, Holy Spirit
Be praised Holy God, Three in One

Be praised this night and all year long. Amen.

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