Monday, January 29, 2007

Prophets in the Land?

For some reason I have come across some rather provocative sermons lately. Here, however, may be the most provocative of them all. I am not familiar with this gentleman; but one thing is for sure, he does not care. He only desires that you hear this message.

(And Louis, you told me that there were no more prophets today. Do you wanna rethink that?)


Scotty J. Williams said...

Thank you so much for pointing this sermon out. I cried as I heard this and it hit me hard. The sad part is that he will accused of legalism for preaching the plain Gospel truth.

God Bless you,

wwdunc said...

I read the PDF file of this sermon, and am now listening to it (and even checked out the website of the Heartcry Missionary Society), and I have two thoughts:

1) This kind of message is just not being preached in most places, as far as I know. This thought makes me very sad, and very concerned for the souls of people, young and not so young, who sit in churches and never hear the full gospel; and

2) I never heard this kind of message in church when I was growing up, yet somehow (only God knows truly knows how) the Holy Spirit got the gospel message to me. This thought makes me so very grateful for the sovereign grace of God in my life.

Thanks for posting this. May this message travel widely and be effectively used by the Spirit of God to bring many to Christ.


LouLove said...

Amos, Haggai, Joel, Micah, Malachi, the brother is in the line. Yes, I will rethink it Carter. We really need more, especially in our communities.